Lowcay Family History

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Isle of Mann Branch

There are various references to the Lowcay family in the Manx Notes, which is a collection of records from the Isle of Mann. How the Lowcay family came to be on the Isle of Mann is not known, but there is a strong likelyhood that they migrated there from England, rather than originating in the Isle of Mann. The Lucy Family History suggests that the Lowcay name may have originated near Ledbury, in the Welsh Borderlands.

The oldest member mentioned is William Lowcay, who was an army chaplain. It is believed that he married Ellin Joyner, who was the mother of Rev. Henry Lowcay (born 1628). Henry had ten children. It is thought that his son John Lowcay went to England, but no subsequent record has been found. Daughter Margaret married into the Curghey family. Son Robert attended Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, graduated with a BA in 1683, and migrated to Ireland.

The fate of other family members is unknown.