Lowcay Family History

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Rev. Henry Lowcay

Rev. Henry Lowcay was born in 1628 at Ballaugh, Isle of Mann, and died in 1700 on the Isle of Mann. The name of his mother, Ellin, has been recorded in the Manx Notes, but to date, no mention of his father has been found.

He married Margaret Garrett, in about 1658. She was born in 1640 at Ellbane, Kirk Lezayre, Isle of Mann, and died in 1708 at Douglas, Isle of Mann. They had ten children.

Henry Lowcay is noted as being Vicar of German (Peeltown) from 1661 to 1680. Unfortunately, no Parish records survive. It is also known that he owned land in Douglas, comprising a dwelling house, brew house and garden between Alms House Lane and Bond St, and that it was acquired prior to 1662 from Deemster John Parr of Parville, Arbory.

Henry Lowcay was the first headmaster of Academic and Grammar schools at Castletown, appointed by Bishop Barrow; also Chaplain at Castle Rushen, and later (1687 onwards) Rector of Ballaugh.

In 1700 Henry Lowcay died. The memorial notice in the Parish Register reads:

"The Reverend pious and eminently learned Henry Lowcay, M.A., who lead (sic) his life so that he might be justly termed and esteemed a true pattern of primitive pietie having continued 13 years Parson of Ballaugh, dyed at Douglas June ye 24th, and was buried in the Church of Kk Braddan Anno Dom: 1700."

His will is in the public library at Douglas, as is that of his widow Margaret.