Lowcay Family History

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The origin of the surname “Lowcay” is obscure. It is thought to be a branch of the “Lucy” family.

Research into the origins of the Lucy family has revealed numerous records of Lucy from the Ledbury area, Herefordshire, England, dating from 1565. Amongst the variations in recorded spellings, de Lucy, Lucey, Lucay, Lucye, Luecy, Lucee, Lucie, Luscie, Lusy, Lussie, Lussye, Luscye, Luzye, Luezie, Lewcy, Lewcie, Lewcye, Leusy, Leusey, Locy, Locey, Locie, Losie, Losea, Losee, Lossee, Losey, Loosey, Loosie, Loyse & Lowcay are listed particularly at Charlecote, the Lucy family seat from 1100 to the present day.

Records are in the parishess of Ledbury, Colwall, Eastnor, Ashperton, Bosbury, Clifford, Coddington, Lugwardine, Munsley, Norton Canon, Ross on Wye, Upper Bullingham and many other places.

There is also an indication in Burke’s Armoury (1884) that the name may originate in Scotland, although no further evidence of this has been found to date.