Lowcay Family History

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Standish Lowcay (Jnr)

Standish Lowcay was a son of Standish Lowcay (Snr). He married Janet Crawford on 11th April 1809 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. She was the daughter of George Crawford, and was born about 1788 in Of, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. He later married Anne Rogers, and descendants of their daughter live in England.

He lived at Kilhile House, near Arthurstown, Co Wexford, in Ireland. He was a magistrate there in 1797. It is noted in "Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Union: Ireland in the 1790s" By Jim Smyth, that Standish Lowcay was one of several remaining townsman tennants, and lived in 1803 on the western perimeter of the Chichester estate, Shelburne baroncy. Various leases from the Cliffe/Vigors family are noted in their papers.

It is also known that he was a Lieutenant in the 26th Rifle Brigade of the First Batallion of the 26th or Cameronian Regiment, and saw active service overseas in the early 1800s. ("Historical Record of the 26th or Cameronian Regiment" - Thomas Carter)

After his death, he was succeeded in Kilhile by his grand nephew, Jonas King Lowcay, who died there in 1892.