Lowcay Family History

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Welcome to the Lowcay Family History Website.

This website has been prepared as a forum for those interested in sharing Lowcay family history.

The information contained on these pages is derived from a mix of family documents and publicly available material. Doubtless it contains errors, but, like all things, is a work in progress.

We are particularly keen to hear from all Lowcay family members. Perhaps you have a story to share, could clear up some of the hazier parts of our common heritage, or kindly point out errors and suggest corrections.

A number of family members from all over the world have been in touch, and we thank them for their kind input.

Please note that it is our policy not to publish details of living family members on these pages without their express permission, even if there is information in the public domain.

RECENT UPDATES: New family trees, new photo section